Concert Reviews


VooDoo Glow Skulls at the Gothic

The energy was high surrounding the Gothic Theatre, and I could feel the anticipation of the crowd as I stood in line for this night of punk/ska glory! The crowd was in high spirits and anxious to see the headliners, … read more

Record Reviews


A Bad Think “Sleep” Review

Los Angeles is clearly the place to be when you want to be around excellent musicians.  There is no exception for alternative rock band A Bad Think.  The band was originally founded in Virginia but was quickly moved to Los Angeles to … read more



GALLERY: The Dead End Drivers and Hornbuckle

As the final shows at the D-Note take place, locals Dead End Drivers and Hornbuckle (and early openers Mezzo Mestizo) made sure they would at least be shows in style. Talented bands, showing great dynamics, musicianship, and energy, took the … read more



Gift Giver announce signing to Century Media Records

Century Media Records have signed Detroit area tech/nu-metal band, Gift Giver. Formed in the fall of 2012, Gift Giver gained notoriety and repute through their self-released EP, Daddy Issues, and constant touring through the US with acts such as Sworn In, … read more




Chicago’s Kelroy create a sound that combines intricacy of composition with simplicity of delivery, drifting between hints of post rock, blues and alternative, as they pour time and essence into the vortex of sound they shape. Each song sets off … read more

Best 303 Sounds


DEDOZ Q&A by Best 303 Sounds

DEDOZ is an energetic, theatrical, eclectic pop group hailing from Denver, Colorado. Fronted by the dreamy Eric Michaels and sultry Christine C, backed by the axe wielding Ace Cooper. They are a band built for the people by sheer humility … read more