GALLERY: Revolver’s Hottest Chicks of Rock Tour

Revolver’s Hottest Chicks of Rock tour came through Denver March 10th, and featured up and coming band Cilver with Eyes Set To Kill, Lacuna Coil, and Sick Puppies. What was weird though was that they had Glass Delirium playing too . . . at only this show. With a name like “Hottest Chicks of Rock”, there were some pretty hot chicks rocking out; it would only make sense that they would have Glass Delirium touring with them as well. Two hot chicks and some awesome rock? Check. A kick ass live show? Check. Some of the best songs you’ll hear out of Denver? Check. Glass Delirium’s got the goods to party with the big girls (sorry dudes, it’s the hottest chicks tour).

This concert was a show you’ll regret not seeing though. It was even great in that they let the local openers play to the entire crowd; I know a lot of shows have the doors opening not too far from when the openers play, but not in this case. Going into this show, I knew of all the bands (ok, maybe I had to google Cilver, but their hit single is a collaboration with the Real Bumblefoot), but this is definitely a show you’ll want to see. Besides, these bands are way better live than on their records (I know, you’ll probably pop in one of their records and think, “how can this possibly get better?”), and they look pretty good too.

warning: hot chicks below

All photos by Curt Dennis. Do no steal, and do not share without proper credit (Bluestribute.net)